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55 Whales (or choosing to believe)

Depending on when you read this post, you may see a headline under the USA Today RSS feed referring to the 55 whales that were beached in South Africa this morning.  Well…I did my best to help.  We got word of this weird phenomenon this morning and rushed to Long Beach (a five minue drive) to help push whales back in the ocean.  It’s hard to imagine 55 whales on a beach, but pictures will surface soon enough.  Unfortanutely, the whales were not strong enough to make it past the breaking point in the ocean so their fate is still in the hands of the Sea Rescue Team.  One has died, but all the rest are fine.  I heard word of loading them up on a naval ship and releasing them farther from shore.  Click here for the story.

In other news… Marissa, Mary and I had to consciously choose to believe in miracles today.  Saturday is a day of drunkenness in the township.  Very few have jobs or anything to do, so they drink.  We prayed for a few people who claimed to be healed.  I would often mistake this for a lie, however one lady began proclaiming “I believe in Jesus!  I believe in Jesus!”  Another two guys we often visit with, Surge and Spoo, were not at their home today.  They have been in Capetown Proper the past two days looking for work.  Since we did not see them today, we are choosing to believe they are employed!  There are several more scenarios like these.  But God is doing good things and we want to celebrate and praise Him for that.

We are also learning how to contend from breakthrough.  We want to contend and not strive.  Admittedly, I don’t fully know what the word ‘contend’ means.  It’s looked a few different ways thus far.  Sometimes it means enjoying more of the Lord’s presence and flowing from that.  Other times, it means to consciously press in to God when it is difficult.

We have one more day here.  Thanks for all who have been praying.  Keep praying for the Lord to move.  Also pray for good health as some team members are feeling under the weather.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to counter the enemy’s attacks with love and grace.  We want to finish strong here.  We will be in Masi tomorrow morning before moving into some debriefing in the afternoon.  We fly out at 8:55 tomorrow night.  We will arrive back in Oklahoma City Monday night around 8:30.

Congratulations to Kobe Bryant on getting to the championship.  Personally, I am rooting for Federer in the French Open.  I got to watch some the other day and it made me miss ESPN.


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Prophetic Breakthrough

I have really had trouble breaking into the prophetic for most of the trip.  For whatever reason, interaction with the Holy Spirit has been more difficult that usual.  Thankfully, that is not true for the rest of the team, but it has been a struggle for me.  Will, Kelly and Kelly prayed for me today though and I think that ended.  The rest of the day I was able to walk in who I am and the gifts that God has given me.  Even more, there has just been so many random emotions in the Holy Spirit lately too.  It was good to break through that because it was bringing some weird frustration.

We are on the downhill side of this trip now and it is time to start handing off people we have met to long-term missionaires.  The hope is that they will be placed in a community so that believers may help in sustaining them and the new believers can live in relationship with other believers.

Finally, Floyd McClung came and spoke with us last night.  It was inspiring and gave plenty of reason to think.  I feel like I need to debrief his entire talk with us.  So as I start to do that, I may unload some of that stuff here.

Finally, please pray for protection from illness; there have been quite a few members on our team getting sick.  Pray for more of the Holy Spirit – we want to go where God goes (check Exodus 33 [that’s been consistent in my life for some time now]).  Here’s some scriptures that are moving us along: 1 Corinthians 2, Luke 10: 1-24, Psalm 54.

I am rooting for the Magic and the Lakers.

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Rest is always good

We took a day off Saturday.  We did a couple tourist things but mainly just rested.  Which is good.  One thing I have learned about myself over the past two or three years is that I am worthless without rest.  Especially when I am drained after praying and giving all day, I just need time to be alone with God.  I need the refreshment that only the Holy Spirit can give.  It’s weird walking around for a few hours and being completely exhausted all day.  I’m more tired than I am after Sunday morning long runs.  I am noticing how the Holy Spirit can mess up my body.

We  got to witness a few baptisms yesterday of some people in Masi.  It’s sweet to see new life.  Some times we get wrapped up in wanting healing or prophetic words or encounters, but really salvation and relationships with God is the goal; the others are just means to salvation.  Please continue praying for the same guys I mentioned earliar.  As well as a guy we met named Spoo.  I think this Siyabuela guy is a crazy apostle and evangelist.  He just rounds up guys, organizes them and brings them to church.  So pray for him too.

Finally,  we are all safe.  We all feel safe.  Thanks for your prayers for protection.  Many of us, including myself, are feeling the Enemy working against us though.  There’s been some weird dreams and little frustrations that can be pointed back to the Enemy.  So please pray for us in times of spiritual warfare.  The Enemy has really been lying and we are tired of hearing it.  Everyone on the trip has been able to push it out and it has not been much of a problem but we don’t even want to hear him.

One departing thought:  I’m unsure way the United States does not have Magnum bars.  They are the best ice cream bars ever.  I typically don’t go for ice cream bars, but these are awesome.


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Our group is really being blessed with Africans that long to know Jesus.  Howver, their is a tough religious spirit to get rid of here though.  I’ve noticed that many people say they know Jesus and back that statement up with how many times a week they go to church.  

Marisa, Mary and I, along with a long-term missionary, have met a man named Siyabulela.  Siya is a natural apostle.  The moment we met him he wanted to make a list of his neighbors and friends with their phone numbers and house numbers and bring them to a worshp meeting.  When we walk by his home to pray with him, he typically invites his friends over.  He is the kind of guy you want to find.

Another friend, Lungasille, runs in a rough crowd, but a lot is being broken off by the Lord.  It’s cool to see how soft the guy is to the Gospel. 

As a team, we are doing good.  I think almost every team member could share their own stories about men and women they have encountered.  Tomorrow is our day off.  We are likely to get a bit extra rest and see more of the town.  Cape Town is a weird town in that it is totally divided.  Many of the townships look like the sterotypal Africa that many of us are acccustomed to seeing.  However, Cape Town is also a metropolis full of coffee shops, fine dining and museums beside the Ocean.  From where we are working, both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans and some intense mountain ranges are a ten minute run.

Please pray that house churches would be planted.  We are trying to fight religion and give them Jesus.  Often, many churches promote religion though. 

I saw that the Lakers lost.  Kobe really needs some help.  I just don’t think Derek Fisher or Jordan Farmar can handle Billups.  I’m rooting for Kobe-Lebron showdown in the Finals.  I’ll be rooting for Kobe.  Personally, I’m not a Lebron fan.

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A couple days in Masi

We arrived in Cape Town late Monday night and crashed pretty quickly.  Tuesday we took a tour of the three townships that All Nations works with: Masiphumelele, Ocean View and Red Hill.

Yesterday, we spent time working in Masi.  Our job is to assist the long term missionaries in finding warm and peaceful people.  Many churches in Cape Town are corrupt, laundering money or discriminating against some groups.  We urge people to start simple churches and show them how the Acts church operated.   We have seen multiple healings already and have encountered a few people who long for Jesus. 

I’ll update more tomorrow when  I have more time.

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In Amsterdam

We left this morning and are in currently in Amsterdam.  We will be departing for Cape Town in about two hours.

Some crazy stuff broke open last night at the Opolis.  Mark Gearing and Zachariah Story prayed some blessing over me and send me off.  We went across the street and sat down in the parking lot.  Both Mark and Zach are so good to me.  It’s a sweet thing to have brothers that are so eager to pray.

They quickly start prophesying some good and encouraging things over me and I could feel my heart opening up to it.  Eventually, Zach asked if I would stand up and put my hands in his.

There was some fear in me.  I knew people across the street were watching and I heard people walking by us occasionally.  But as soon as I told the Lord I was open to what he wanted this to look like, my legs were knocked out from under me.  The rest of the ordeal was pretty intense but restful.

I felt physically off the couple hours.  The whole thing really messed me up.  It’s nuts that prayer can leave me feeling physically weird.  That’s the kind of way I want to start this trip off.

As I was riding to the airport this morning, Jason Robinson told me that a guy named Zachariah randomly stopped him and prayed for him.  For 45 minutes.  Way to go Zachariah.  God is crazy.

Thanks to the Graves and Grigors for 30 Rock and Arrested Development.  It has kept me entertained.  Thanks to everyone who is thinking and praying for us.

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A couple days out…

This blog is made for the purpose of keeping those who are supporting me and those who love me up to date.

I am leaving in two days.  I will be gone from May 17-June 1.  I am excited to get down there and get started church planting.  Last years testimonies are coming to mind and exciting me about the things God has promised for this trip.

I will work to keep this blog up to date throughout the trip.  Depending on my blogging experience, this may become a habitual thing.

Please pray for safety as we fly.  Our team  will be meeting at the Crately apartment complex at 4:45AM, then catching a flight out of the Oklahoma City airport at 7:15AM.  We will fly to Minneapolis, then to Amsterdam.  Then to Senegal and to Cape Town.  It will be a long trip but a good bonding experience.  So pray for safety and good bonding time.  Pray that God would be revealing to us the people he is calling us to encounter.  Once we are there,  I’m sure I will load you up with more to pray for.  Thanks in advance.

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