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John 4

The past couple weeks have been a couple weird ones.  I don’t really know if I would say they have been good or bad – just weird.

I have noticed that I have been running out of energy very quickly.  In a lot of ways too.  I have had a hard time waking up in the morning.  Just the other day I skipped my first class simply because I was too tired.  I have longed to go to bed earlier as well too.  It’s not due to a lack of sleep either – I’m getting plenty of sleep.

This happens spiritually as well.  Over the past couple weeks, if I haven’t spent time with the Lord by about noon, I begin to shut down.  When I get too busy and don’t sit with Him, I get exhausted.  Frustration and hopelessness set in.  Before I know it, it is mid-afternoon and I am becoming short with people, frustrated, sleepy and I do not fill close to Jesus.

The only true way to experience refreshment and energy is going to God.

I have tried taking naps.  Sometimes that seems like an easier alternative than putting in the effort to being with God.  There are other methods I try sometimes in efforts to get energy and feel refreshed.  But the truth, as I’ve been experiencing more and more (both physically and spiritually) the past week, is that true refreshment, a real filling, comes from Jesus.  I’ve been drinking other things than the living water of Christ.  Even literally, I’ve been downing coffee or Coke rather than go sit with God in my room, thinking that it will be a quick and easier alternative.

Being with God is the best way to find refreshment.  Jesus promises us rest and peace when we are with Him.  He says that when we drink his living water we won’t need anything else.  I am trying to learn to trust that promise.  If I haven’t spent time with Him by mid-afternoon, the troubles of the day really begin to eat at me.  I begin to think of things in heavy ways.  Even if it’s lying in my room, just asking for God to come, it’s worth it.  It transforms my day.  He makes the heavy things light.  He makes the hard things okay.  And their is no substitute or shortcut.

I love it when God opens up new revelation on his words.  I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced what this verse means.  I guess I had head knowledge, but it never hit my heart until now.

By the way, who saw this play at the U.S. Open: US-Open-Tennis-Week-1_61


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