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Well, I’m done with school.  While that may be enough to qualify oneself for a transitional season, there’s more.  This past Sunday, I stepped out of Young Life after four years.  Both school and YL are things that have played large roles in my life over the past four and a half years of my life.  I’ve actually never been in a season where I have not been in enrolled in school.  I don’t really have a grid for what life after school is like.

Also, today was my final day working over at KGOU.  We had a Christmas luncheon today and that was it for me at the radio station.  When I look at what my time was dedicated to over the past semester, at least in terms of activities, most of it was being taken by those three things.  But all of that is done now.

But as it usually is, the thing thats that are going on in the physical reflect the things going on in the spiritual.  Their’s definitely some doors being opened up in both spiritual and physical places that I haven’t  had before.  Anyways, the thoughts going through my mind are probably what you would expect.  Excitement, anxiety, a bit of fear, peace and some others too.

I’ve had some good prophetic words over me recently that are encouraging and preparing me for the upcoming shift of seasons.  So we’ll see how it goes.  I’ll keep you updated.

I found this brilliant picture of a Haitian sunset by Zoriah, in part due to a friend in Cardiff, Jonathan Morgan.

Sunset in Haiti


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Since everyone else is doing it…

To ESPN, CNN, NBC and to whomever else it would concern,

I also had an affair with Tiger Woods.  I first met him when he invited me out to his beach home in California for a party in July of 2006.  After the party, he took me home and he invited himself inside.  Since that time, we have had an ongoing relationship.  I regret the actions that occurred at his home, my house, the dairy section of Homeland, Blockbuster Video, Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, the Sharper Image store at the mall and feel nothing but remorse for the pain I have caused for both his family and his fans.  Mr. Woods has bought large amounts of jewelry, automobiles, Pei Wei gift cards, Los Angeles Clippers tickets, a sleeping bag and autographed golf balls by Phil Mickelson for me throughout the three and a half years of our relationship.

He continuously has told me that he loves me and sends romantic texts frequently.  He has continually told me that his marriage with Elin was fine.  I feel like a dumb boy for believing it.  However over the past seven months it has become increasingly apparent that not everything is okay.  Again, I regret my actions and am upset this news had to come out this way.

I would appreciate your privacy as my family and close friends deal with this situation in private.  I’m sure you understand the pain and shame my family and I are going through.  Thank you.


Stephen Pyle

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