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Donald Miller is the man.

Though I said I wouldn’t mention this anymore, this little nugget of gold fell in my lap.  I can’t help from sharing it.  Oh, it’s good.  Hopefully, it doesn’t feel like I’m beating a dead horse.

I got chills reading this post by Donald Miller… like Holy Spirit chills.  You know when you read something that is so good, everything in you reaffirms it?

Here’s a clip:

But I’m not writing this blog to say Jim Wallis is right, though I believe he is. I’m writing this blog because I want to join Jim Wallis in praying for Glenn Beck. Even as I type this I feel a love for the man. It’s hard to keep your ratings up, and saying shocking things is a way to do so. But Glenn Beck is a child of God, a man who God loves, and while I disagree with him about whether the church should perform acts of justice, I don’t hate him for it. I want to cross this bridge with Jim Wallis, and love my enemy. It’s a much more peaceful way to live.

Glenn Beck is now saying that he is receiving hate mail from Christians, and is using the hate mail to fuel the controversy. But the truth is, I’ve never seen hate win in the end. Hate makes us guilty, and so creates a fight of guilty vs guilty. You just can’t keep beating an innocent man. Even if he dies, his death may change the world. In the end, love will win.

If you want to read the whole thing, click here.


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Beck, Wallis and my struggle with it all

This post is really more of an confession.

I’ve been following (though I need to stop) this feud between Glenn Beck and Jim Wallis.  Anyone who reads this probably knows who I would agree with.  I’m usually pretty good about linking to sites and giving you background, but I really don’t want to this time.  If you don’t know what they are discussing, you are better for it.

But the thing I am becoming the most frustrated with is not Beck’s outrageous comments.  It’s not his ridiculous rant about the church.  It’s not his attack of Jim Wallis, whom I love and often look to for wisdom and revelation.  To be honest, I expect this behavior from Beck.  And as one with a degree in journalism, I am even aware that the majority of it is for ratings so people will tune in.

But what I am struggling with the most is how I feel when I read the abusive and threatening language of Beck.

I don’t feel sad.  And I don’t feel compassion on Beck (or anyone who condones or encourages his most recent comments).  I actually feel mad and frustrated.  My heart immediately says “Well, someone has to shut this guy up!” or “I can’t wait until Jim Wallis destroys this guy in a theological/philosophical debate.”

And you know the thing about being mad?  It’s really a mask for being sad.  It’s true – I promise.

And it’s okay to be mad.  Jesus was mad.  But he didn’t neglect the feelings of sadness or pain he felt when the pharisees got it wrong – even when they were so wrong it was destructive and counter to what Jesus was saying.  Even against his most dangerous earthly enemies, He didan’t strive for the vengeance I so want against them.

When Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane, he was betrayed by one of his own.  Then the Roman soldiers, who have a history of mocking and slandering Jesus, came to arrest Him.  For those who know the story, I would equate my feelings to Peter.  Out of anger and frustration, I would cut that soldiers ear off too.  And if I’m perfectly honest, I want my justice and my vengeance.  Thankfully, Jesus right the wronged of Peter and healed the soldier’s ear.

So do I not trust that God is working everything for his good (Romans 8:28)?  That God will ultimately prevail?  I do, even though this situation doesn’t look hopeful right now.

So Jesus,

Calm my upset and angry heart down.  I don’t want to be mad and want vengeance towards one that You love.  You are under control.  You will turn this situation to glorify Yourself.  Nothing on earth can stop You and your purposes.  Your ways are high above.

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