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The Top 10 Albums for Summer 2010

In honor of Summer starting up, the following are the top albums I will be listening to over the next season.  Some are a few years old and a couple were just released; however they are all reminiscent of summer.  So whether it’s driving around with the windows down or swimming at the pool, I suspect the following albums will fit this Summer.

In no particular order:

1. Band of Horses – Infinite Arms
2. Ryan Adams – Rock N Roll
3. Broken Bells – Broken Bells
4. Jakob Dylan – Women & Country
5. The Roots – How I Got Over
6. Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Remixes)
7. Broken Social Scene – Forgiveness Rock Record
8. Counting Crows – Hard Candy
9. The OC: Mix 1
10. Paul Simon – Negotiations and Love Songs

Comments?  What will you be listening to?

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After being in house church with Luke for three years, I finally got my turn to live with him.

Living with Luke is interesting because he is a completely different person to live with than he is to be around once or twice a week.  In past years, I always saw him as shy, calm and soft spoken – of course he would occasionally snap a witty comment if it was too good to pass up, but even then, it was a rarity.  I remember being excited to live with him but nervous that it might be hard to break his quiet shell or that he may get offended easily with childish humor.  I thought he would sit in his room and study and live up to the academic genius most knew him as.

Courtesy of Kelli Fairbairn

After living with him for a month or so, my worries had shifted.  Instead of him being offended by my humor, he was encouraging it and pushing it to new levels.  His poor study habits and tendency to skip multiple classes a week rubbed off on me.  His subtle and sneaky ideas of pranks and jokes took our friendship to new levels.

We clicked in a lot of these areas.

We watched countless awful movies.  Not the kind that are laugh-out-loud bad, but the kind where it takes real perseverance to finish.  We even tried to start a blog about it – naturally, the blog failed.  We thought of endless gags to get under Robert’s skin and always wondered what Andrew Steinle was actually doing in his room.  We theorized as to why one neighbor had an ambulance at his house three times a week and another stayed out until three in the morning swinging away at his punching bag.  Together, we successfully prayed that Winter would last longer and that the cold weather would overpower the sun.  We shared ideas about politics and discussed how much Jesus actually cares about what is going on in the world.  We would often explode into laughter after someone said something that Luke and I took in a “different” way.  On his last night in town, we did a pub crawl of the worst bars in Norman.  And though Luke enjoys Blu and the Library, his humor is revealed by doing karaoke at Bill and Dee’s or ordering a drink at Ol’ Blue.

It’s without doubt that I wasted more of my life with Luke Chitwood than anyone else in the past year.

I saw Luke dive into community this year too.  He’d always been a vital part of our house church but this year he began to make relationships with people from different house churches too.  He was an excellent supporter of Jill and I.  And as the year went by and we developed more trust in each other’s friendship, we both began to open up about God, girls and whatever else life was throwing at us.  I saw his diligence in making time for God everyday.  Even when we visited New York City in February, he made a point to meet with some people from a church he was interested in.

New York City is a perfect fit for Luke.  It’s huge.  It’s a fast moving city.  It has cold winters.  It has unending culture.  It’s a good fit.  Teaching is a good role for him too.  He’s served the kids in our house church well and has worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters while he has been in Norman.

So Luke, when you remember Norman, I hope you’re greatest memories are of the Chiller station, the Blue Bonnet and tupperware.

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