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election reflection

After watching and observing the results of Tuesday’s elections, I’ve had some time to think about what all these new men and women in office could mean.

I tend to lean left on many issues.  The way I arrive at my values and thoughts sometimes differ from that of other democrats or liberal-minded people but I often arrive at the same conclusion.  So initially, I was a bit disappointed with the elections.  The GOP party will take over the House of Representatives and John Boehner will succeed Nancy Pelosi’s Speaker of the House position.  But after giving the elections more thought, maybe it’s a good thing.  A bitter, cold and unproductive culture has been created amongst the current politicians in Washington.  Most republicans feel as if democrats are passing laws that are leading the United States into a decline where socialism and welfare are accepted.  Most democrats believe the republican base doesn’t offer any suggestions and feel as if they have to pass everything themselves because the republicans have no new or innovative ideas.

Maybe getting some new blood (both republican and democrat) will be helpful.  I’m hoping the new members in both the House and the Senate will take it upon themselves to change the culture and hopefully provide motivation.  Surely, the GOP party will learn from the democrat’s mistakes of losing touch with the people they represent and work well together.  More than legislature, taxes or spending, I want to see a culture shift.  Rather than fear-mongering and hateful rhetoric, I’m hoping the incoming politicians will get humble fast and work together.

To continue, I think the American model of government has its strengths and flaws.  However, I do not think our federal government is at its best when one party dominates the three branches.  I’m not sure of the effect partisanship has on how the branches work together but I’m hopeful that the GOP taking the House is a good thing.  I’m even more hopeful that those who were awarded new jobs Tuesday will focus more on changing the culture around them than any bills or legislature.


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