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thoughts while watching the election

As I watch the election coverage wrap up and most networks make it appear that President Obama will win, I have to remind myself that Jesus is King.

I’m not saying this out of anger or frustration that my guy lost.  On the contrary, I voted for the President.

I’m saying this because more than rejoicing that the politician I voted for won (unless something drastic happens), it’s important to live in the reality that we are citizens of Heaven.  It’s not just a nice thing to say or a fun, spiritual thing to quote, it’s true.  We are citizens of the Kingdom of God and God is King.  He is in control.  It is Jesus who we place our hope in, whom we trust and find our identity.  And he has charged the Church with being the most powerful force for good in the earthly world.  He hasn’t charged America to do this, he has issued this challenge to His Bride.



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