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Over the past week, my Facebook feed has been lighting up with primarily conservative bloggers whose bylines read something like “Christian conservative, mother, and wife. [Name deleted]’s purpose for writing is to inform, anger, and unite “We the People” or “is an independent journalist that spends much of her time researching and writing articles of patriotic and Christian interest.”

Aside from the fact that these writers completely invalidate their objectivity (I’m all for christian authors but when you tell everyone up front that you have a viewpoint and you are only looking at the story from one lens, the story will never be complete), it’s a gross blending of two concepts that shouldn’t be blended: christianity and patriotism. These two things are not equals, not related and when combined, often times equal the idolatry of nationalism. I’ve recently found myself frustrated with bloggers and writers who write about christianity from a lens of country first – like these two things live in perfect harmony. However, anyone who has dug through scripture should know they do not.

Rarely in these stories do I see any citing of facts – the news they promote is not found on any news outlet and the opinions spouted are rarely backed up by scripture. In fact, some of these stories are lined with ads for “Impeach Obama” or a new conservative SuperPAC. To them, if you have broken a religious or moral rule, not only are you not a Christian, but you are unpatriotic. We have to be mindful that Jesus has drawn a clear line between himself and the world. You can be a loyal follower of Jesus and be unpatriotic.


In David Flower’s “How Worship of the American Flag Changed Everything,” he states, “Saying no to flag worship dethrones the American Jesus and it exposes our cultural Christianity.” 

Unfortunately for the writers whose bylines I cited above, and the many like them, their articles don’t amount to anything of lasting value. Their articles are not based in facts or objectivity. In fact, they aren’t even based on scripture or Jesus. Their articles have turned in to stories that are made to build and anger a base. Not only do I believe they are useless but I think they are dangerous.


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