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“But God is still on the Throne!”

“God is still on the Throne!”

“Jesus is still Lord!”

“God is in control.”

All statements I’m having trouble with the day after election. Not because they aren’t true – they are – but because of why they are being said and who is saying them.

As Donald Trump neared the presidency last night, Christians began using these exclamations. In my estimation, some uttered these phrases in efforts to help comfort those who voted for a losing candidate or perhaps repeat it to themselves after electing our most unfavorable President.

But saying a phrase like “Jesus is still Lord” is easy when you don’t have to bear the burden of the evening’s results. It’s easy when the racism and sexism only affects another. Yet, we have embraced those prejudices, normalized them and voted for them! It is a privilege to have no fear, no despair and no anxiety about the upcoming four years.

“God is in control” removes the right to feel pain. Minorities, LGBTQ, immigrants, Muslims, women and all of us deserve to feel the pain of this moment. Those phrases remove the right to mourn, to lament and to be somber.

We grieve that the white American Church chose fear over love. They chose power over the Holy Spirit. They chose self-preservation over the other, the beggar, the stranger and the hungry.

I believe that “Jesus is still Lord” but He is mourning.



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